Pivot Boston provides networking events to women in Boston at all stages of their personal and professional lives. Each year we come together to network, share our stories, and explore life and work pivots. Pivot 1.0 focused on career pivots. Pivot 2.0 focused on disruptive change. Pivot 3.0 will focus on developing and owning your personal and […]

The Team

Morra Aarons-Mele is the founder of Women Online and The Mission List. She is an Internet marketer who has been working with women online since 1999. She helped Hillary Clinton log on for her first Internet chat, and launched Wal-Mart’s first blog. She was founding Political Director for BlogHer.com, and has written for BlogHer as […]

Pivot 3.0

Pivot 3.0: Developing Your Personal and Professional Style Why should you define your personal style? The truth is that how you present yourself sends a message, whether intentional or not. We believe that you should be in charge of that. Too often “style” is sold as something to buy. Style has nothing to do with […]